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Wedding, Party and Event Tent Rental– Best tips! 

The reasons can be as practical as wanting to be shielded from the sun or the pouring rain, or as aesthetic as creating the perfect ambiance with just the right light streaming into the Sailcloth Tent right at the golden hour. Or it could be a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of social distancing and actual space needed for a world that has come to appreciate ‘space and safety’ in a whole new way because of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Whatever the reason, and whatever the tent type you will rent (Sailcloth, Pole, Clearspan or Frame), whatever the event or occasion, here are a few best tips to keep your guests and yourself happy, and your wedding, party, or event a big success! 

  • Everybody is happy and everybody is either dressed up or comfortable and dry, you don’t want the heat, rain or snow changing any of that.  The different tents offer options in how you want to set up your event in terms of how you want to manage the elements – the pole, frame or marquee tents can be kept open, and the structure tents can be closed up. You can also opt for climate control equipment like air conditioning, fans, and heaters as well. 


  • Tents can also add an element of magic and grandeur to your wedding, party and event tent rentalor really strip it down to the bare essentials and create an aura of intimacy and privacy. Tents have that beautiful transformative quality about them – so whether you want to keep things simple and classic, or you want to make it grand and glitzy, you are only limited by your imagination. 

  • Outdoor tents also do an awesome job of ‘centering’ everything and everyone at the location, and to the location. Most outdoor locations can be vastly open and without any real physical boundaries – having an outdoor tent in which the wedding, party and event is hosted from anchors everyone to one central spot, thereby reducing confusion and chaos.  

  • Outdoor tents are your blank canvass to design, decorate, accessorize, and create into your own space and theme – depending on the season, location, and the type of tent you rent etc. the possibilities are endless. 

  • Outdoor tent rentals for weddings, parties and events provide you with greater flexibility in a range of event elements from location to picking vendors, to seasons to space, to theme and style, and to a host of other unique choices. 


Call us on 586-493-0563 or visit us in person at our office in Clinton Township, MI to discuss creative ways to make your wedding, party and event tent rental truly special and memorable! 

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