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Unique Tent Ideas for Fall Weddings

As the season of the sun quickly fades away, and the crisp cool arrival of fall greets us with the trees turning amber, red and gold and their leaves crunching beneath our feet, so begins a new and different season of weddings – the autumn weddings.  

While fall weddings have their own distinct elements setting them apart from the summer weddings, we at Wahl Tents Events Structures have a few unique tips that may help you add more flare, tone, or personality to make your special day even more enchanting, and truly memorable.  

Untraditional the traditional – If your location is a barn, open field, waterfront, a park setting, poolside, or your backyard, opt for ambiance-inducing Sailcloth Tents and if possible, integrate the natural surroundings of your location to bring out the best in these beautiful tents and vice versa – for these elegant tents to bring out the best in your chosen surroundings – be it the surrounding water, the open fields, the trees in the backyard, the rustic farm, etc., etc. Using ambiance lighting, fitting furnishings, tables, seating, and even a few key décor pieces, you can really create an enchanting theme for your wedding, and make a very traditional looking venue look and feel very unique and personalized indeed. 

Key Décor pieces – These can be a personalized photo wall made with fall foliage, or flowers, hay with flowers & berries, harvest fruits or vegetables, or anything that is meaningful to you both. A rustic wedding arch with simple flowers or fall foliage and berries can also capture the aesthetic of your special day beautifully. You can situate it to make the best of the golden hour, if possible, or against a scenic backdrop, or the open field, or however you prefer it. 

Into the night, you can plan ahead and be set up for a big beautiful bonfire or a more intimate smaller campfire. With the right music, food, beverages, friends & family you can dance away the night, play games around the fire, sing campfire songs, and simply make it an unforgettable celebration of your nuptials.  

Your wedding and celebration are as unique and as special as your love story, if you’d like to talk about some unique ways to celebrate it in the fall in the great outdoors, please give us a call: 586-493-0563 We are always happy to work with you. 

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