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Easy Tips to Beat the Summer Heat at Your Outdoor Tent Event

The change of seasons is a beautiful thing, and the season of summer is upon us again. The grass is green, the outdoor swimming pools are blue, the trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and the sun is out longer and brighter.

So, if you are planning your next outdoor summer event, and are looking to keep things, cool, calm and comfortable for yourself, the hosts, and all your guests, remember to plan ahead. This simple but deliberate strategy will pay off tremendously on the day of your event when the sun is beating down and the humidity is high. Let’s consider some of the easiest and most practical ways with which we can beat the summer heat –

  • In the peak of summer and when the sun is strong, the actual time of day of your event can be as important as the venue. Imagine a beautiful outdoor wedding by the water’s edge at dusk with the sun beginning to slip below the horizon, now, imagine the same wedding when the sun is bearing down relentlessly at high noon. You get the picture. When and if possible, always opt for an evening or night outdoor celebration. You will have the natural comfort of not overheating your event, but also the beautiful aesthetic of a dusk or night celebration with lights, stars, or the evening glow.


  • Where you choose for us to set up your outdoor tents can also make a big difference on how hot, or comfortable it can be for you and your guests. Depending on the location, situation, and safety, we can on certain occasions take advantage of shade offered by other buildings, structures or nearby trees. While we will follow all safety guidelines and take every precaution to make sure the tents are erected in the safest and sturdiest standards possible according to industry guidelines, we will also do everything we can to make sure we set up your outdoor tents in a manner that will be most comfortable for you and your special guests.


  • Good air circulation, outdoor fans, or air conditioners can also add to the solution to beat the summer heat. Good air flow can increase with the tent side panels being opened strategically, pedestal outdoor fans can also help with pushing out the warm air out of the tent and circulating in cooler air from the outside. If you are renting generators for your event, then you have the option of using air conditioning within the tent if you choose to use the side panels around the tent.


Don’t let the summer heat stop you from enjoying the great outdoors, or gathering and celebrating with your friends, family, guests, clients, or community. Wahl Tents Event Structures can help you plan and put together your next great outdoor event, give us a call at 586-493-0563 or visit us in person at our office in Clinton Township, MI. We serve an extended client base locally in the state of Michigan and all across the Midwest and East Coast.

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