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Metro Detroit Event Rentals

As the sun begins to set late and the seasons are in transition again, Wahl Tents & Event Structures are humming again with the familiar buzz of the constant summer calls and bookings. Every season has its own busy rhythm and we absolutely love helping our clients make the most of their outdoor celebrations.

As we address more and more queries and interest with regard to outdoor spring and summer rentals, let’s look at a few ways in which you can add more fun, flare, flavor, and a festive spirit to your Metro Detroit Event Rentals, or outdoor event rentals anywhere for that matter, of course.

This is a great time for outdoor cooking and good food brings everyone together. Other than outdoor grilling, you can consider mobile wood-fired pizza, shish kebab, a decadent smore or fondue station, or whatever else you want to be creative with.


Compliment all that flavorful good food with a great tiki-bar or with big pitchers of ice-cold cocktails and summery-drinks. Again, you can tailor-make this to suit your event and your guests best.

Be it a very formal affair or completely casual and relaxed, be sure to have ample seating for everyone. Be it tables and chairs in a group or family setting, or other comfortable seating arrangements, make sure there is plenty of event rental tent or structure space and seating for everyone.

You can add to the flare of it all with lanterns, string lights, candles, a bonfire – or whatever the mood and the festive spirit is for the day, or night – mood lighting plays a big role in creating that ambiance.

Then, mix in the perfect tunes with soft music (or dance music), and the night air will be filled with beautiful music, the sound of laughter and chatter, and clinking glasses. And before you know it, you have got yourself a wonderful event and celebration to remember!

If the event calls for it, consider adding appropriately entertaining or energetic games to add to the fun and flare of the evening or day.

Outdoor events – be they relaxed or black-tie, grand or intimate, have endless opportunities to be creative with in how you celebrate them, let us work with you to make it the best that you can make it.

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