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Best Tips for Outdoor Table & Chair Rentals

Even as every outdoor event or wedding is different and unique, there are numerous choices and options when it comes to renting your tables and chairs for your special event as well. 

In this post, let’s look at some important considerations to keep in mind the next time you are looking to rent tables and chairs for your outdoor event. 

The type of event or celebration you are hosting is usually a good place to begin – for example, the beautiful chairs and chair covers you will use for a wedding is not necessarily what you would choose to rent for your grad party or poolside corporate cocktail party. Same with the tables and tablecloths.  

Next, it’s also very important to consider what you are trying to achieve socially with and during your event – will the main focal point be the bridal table most of the day or evening? Will there be a lot of dancing? Is it an event with a lot of standing at high tables and enjoying drinks, and food, and socializing? Will everyone be mostly sitting and focusing on the stage? Will people be in smaller groups and at their own tables and sitting and dinning? Is it a buffet meal or picnic and people sitting where they choose to? The choices and options are plentiful, and you and your guests will enjoy your celebration or event the most if all the factors are considered in advance, and planned for thoughtfully with plenty of space (if outdoor tents are needed as well) and suitable chairs and tables for sitting, dining, socializing, gift displaying, prizes or awards, catering, and bar, etc. etc., are included as part of the celebration or event. Do keep in mind that guests or family members with wheelchair access may require additional assistance, space, or accommodations, and planning for their needs ahead of time would make them feel welcome and included as well.   

Last but not least, we at Wahl Tents Event Structures believe that these outdoor events and celebrations are often indeed very unique opportunities and occasions that are so special, and worth capturing as beautifully as possible, so we do everything we can to add to the aesthetics of your event and your theme. That said, if your outdoor event is leaning toward a more elegant theme, or a quiet rustic tone, or a more farm/folksy appeal, or whatever the theme maybe, we can help you match the chairs, tables, and the linens for them as well. 

As you plan your special outdoor event and pick out the perfect location and tent, don’t forget that the tables and chairs and the accessories you pick out all add to the whole aesthetic of your event. Call us anytime with any questions or ideas you may have about your next outdoor party or event – Tele: 586-493-0563 

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