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Clearspan Event & Party Tent Rentals

Although summer is a more popular and common season to host your events outdoors, don’t discount the natural charm of the ‘harvest season’ for that special celebration or annual outdoor gathering. With the cooler breezes and without the relentless summer sun beating down, fall certainly has its own and strong appeal for many different events and celebrations.  

From the charming outdoor fall weddings to all types of orchard, wine, and county festivals, autumn has its own seasonal ambiance, spice, and feel.  

Clearspan event and party tent rentals are a well sought-after tent rental for many of these outdoor events. Their sturdy structure, the unobstructed space, and the ability to withstand strong winds and rain are all part of the popular appeal. Clearspan tent rentals, with its defining end-to-end wide-open space and format, offers the event planners and hosts the great advantage of the entire event space and the luxury to spread out without any obstructions or poles.  

The clearspan tents are specially engineered to withstand the beating winds, snow, rain, or sun with a sturdy aluminum frame and wind bars. Clearspan tents by design do not need or use stakes or ropes around the tent for installation, and thereby provide a clear, safer, and more space-efficient footprint all around its parameters. This naturally creates a free and larger space all around the event, and if needed, it provides a great opportunity to install the clearspan tent right next to another building or structure. 

Should the winds pick up high and cold, the air gets brisk and chilly, or it is an Indian summer day, the clearspan tents will easily help to flow your event right along with nature’s cue with its ease to climate control the large space within. These versatile outdoor structures are manufactured with tracked walls that easily allow for them to be opened or closed to better control the comfort of your event space, and to help maximize the tent air conditioning or heating. Clearspan Event & Party Tents are beautifully, and practically engineered with increased eave height and streamlined structuring to allow for better air flow, increased ventilation, and comfort. 

So, as the leaves get ready to turn those beautiful hues of gold, orange, purple and red, and whether you want to clink your glasses with the season’s best cider, wine or champagne, the clearspan event and party tents are a safe and solid outdoor gathering space to host your festival or celebrate your event.  

We at Wahl Tents Event Structures are excited to welcome fall and help you plan your special event. Please call us at: 586-493-0563, or stop by our office in Clinton Township, MI. 

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