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absolutely perfect for hosting our community reception

I extend sincere thanks to the entire team at Wahl Tents as they provided exceptional customer service and installed tents which were beyond our hopes and expectations. We were simply blown away by the 40x 45 E!Span tent which was absolutely perfect for hosting our community reception at the Henry Ford Estate for the Inauguration of Dr. Grasso.  The clear top allowed us to feel as if we were outside in the sunshine as it was a glorious day. Stephanie was wonderful to work with as she was patient as we went through many committee meetings, changes, requests, tweaks and revisions of the bid and contract. It was an arduous process for her I am sure. All the hard work is much appreciated as we achieved our goal of hosting an amazing event. Now, the unsung heroes at Wahl Tent – the crew and installers.  As an event planner I know that if you “do it right” no one will know you were even there – that it all happens magically! If only we had magic wands. But the truth is it’s hard, hard work. I especially appreciate those who rarely get the credit. The ones who pack the trucks, do the heavy lifting, plan the work and the logistics, who build the tent in a half day on-site in cold and windy weather and who are at our (the client’s) beck and call to change this or add that.  Wow! I know how hard it is – and you’re rarely the people who receive the accolades you deserve.  Your work is important and it did not go unnoticed by me. Thank you. (Brian and John were exceptional on-site and I’m truly grateful for their work, attention to detail and taking great care on the Estate property. I was not on-site for the break-down but I am sure that crew was fantastic as well.)